"When the Darkness Comes Around" Arun O'Connor: Background Vocals

"The Truth" Arun O'Connor: Background Vocals

"Slough Blues" Blacktop Ridge: Background Vocals (2022)

"Brother" Tyler Braden: Background Vocals (2020)

"Old Times' Sake" Ryland Fisher: Background Vocals

"Yours or Mine" Jacob Melton (Featuring Natalie Brady): Duet/Background Vocals (2020)

"Face Down" Jim Ivins (Featuring Natalie Brady): Original Lyrical Composition (2020)

"Love You With the Lights On" Natalie Brady: Original Composition (2020)

"Landslide" Fleetwood Mac (Cover): Natalie Brady (2020)

"Listen to the Music" Doobie Brothers (Cover): Natalie Brady & The Nite Owls

"Seven Bridges Road" The Eagles (Cover): Natalie Brady & The Nite Owls

"Barracuda" Heart, Natalie Brady: The Voice, Season 15 Blind Audition

"Judas Kiss", Smudgie (Canada)- Lead Vocal